Cafe Loka - 343 York St - Fredericton, NB




Double shot espresso - $2.5

Canadiana - $2.5

Macchiato - $3

Cappuccino - $4

Latte - $4

London Fog - $4

Mexican Hot Chocolate - $4

Mocha- $5

Almond milk latte*- $5

 *may substitute with soy milk

Juice Box, soft drink - $1.5


Herbal Iced Tea - $2.5

San Pellegrino, Perrier  - $2.5


Fruit & Veggie Smoothie - $4.5




Protein Dream   $8

2 Eggs (any way) drizzled with our seasoned olive oil with toast & side salad


Vegan Your Day   $8

Scrambled tofu with potatoes, veggies and spices with toast & side salad


It's a Wrap   $7

Wrap with curried egg, tomatoes and spinach with side salad  


Breakfast in Paris    $8

Breakfast Croissant with cheesy eggs & side salad


Omelette     $11

3 Eggs with Feta, Cranberry & Spinach with toast & side salad

 Add  sausage or bacon      $3

3 Egg Breakfast with meat     $12


Granola with Yogurt & Fruit  $7

Warm Croissant   $4



Soup of the Day   cup  $4  bowl   $6

Homemade Hummus with pita bread - $7

Corn & Blackbean salad-$4


Instant Lunch

See Our Display Case For a Selection of

Wraps & Sandwiches  $6-$7

Quiche & Frittata      $6-$7


Instant Gratification*

Creme Brulee -  $5.5

Cake & Cheesecake -  $5.5  

Chocolate Dipped Oatcakes -  $3.5

Muffin - $2.25  Gluten-free - $2.75

The "Bomb" $3.25  Baby "Bomb"  $2

Triple Chocolate Brownie - $3.5

Squares - $3.5

Cookie - $1.5

*See our display case for which treats are available today!!



Grilled Panini   $8 

Smokey: Montreal smoked meat, provolone and spinach

Captain Planet: Tofu & hummus (have it
Vegan or with cheese as you please)

Loka CBC:   Chicken, bacon, mozza cheese, arugula and our herb mayo 

*Our Paninis are stuffed with veggies & sprouts and use our in-house flavoured mayo

 Add loka side salad  $3

Rabbit Town     $8

A stir-fry of fresh shredded veggies on a bed of rice and your choice of our home made peanut thai sauce or vegan coconut curry sauce

 Add chicken, sausage $3



Loka Salad    $5

Greens & seasonal veggies  with our Loka in-house Dressings (Italian, Maple, Ginger or Peanut Thai)


Tutti Frutti   $6.50

Greens, spinach, diced fresh fruits and our delicious caramelized almond with your choice of our home-made dressing


Goat Cheese Goodness   $8

Greens, walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, croutons and our maple or Italian dressing


Chicken Curry Salad    $10

Greens, potatoes, roasted peppers, black beans, corn and our maple dressing


Add chicken, sausage, egg or tofu     $3




Dish of the Day

Lunch X-tra special - $8 - $14

 add a small soup or salad $3


Coffee Beans  1/2 pound $11   1 pound $20

Like our coffee? Why not enjoy our coffee in your own home as well. We  have available for purchase the organic unwashed  Ethiopian medium roast or bolder dark roast coffee beans which we use in the café.

Prepaid Canadiana Coffee Card    $22.50

good for 10 coffee's (one coffee free)


*HST not included in the price*

  *Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Options Available*


We do Take Out and Catering


Complete Menu          PDF

*Click on the PDF link to have a look at the complete offerings at Cafe Loka*

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